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  Snap & Grow™ 6' x 8' Greenhouse #16211
Snap & Grow™ 6' x 8' Greenhouse 
The all new Snap & Grow™ Silver 6 x 8 greenhouse has been engineered from the ground up to get you growing quickly. It features the innovative SmartLock™ connector system that allows you to assemble the heavy-duty, aluminum frame quickly and easily without a lot of hardware.

The innovative split door and vent windows are even preassembled out of the box! The tough, crystal-clear SnapGlas™ panels simply slide and lock into place without any complicated tools or hardware. Get growing so you too can start to enjoy greenhouse gardening in a Snap! HG6008

Comes with $50. worth of seeds (You pick the seeds from our site) and a Galvanized Potting Bench which if bought separately would cost $198.99.

* Fast & easy assembly using SmartLock™ connectors

* Unique, split-style door provides easy access and ventilation

* Includes preassembled door & window with weather-stripping

* Great for growing in all climates

* Fast & easy assembly using SmartLock™ connectors

* Includes preassembled door & window with weatherstripping

* Crystal clear SnapGlas™ polycarbonate
panels are virtually unbreakable

* Heavy-duty, corrosion resistant aluminum frame

* Galvanized steel base kit
with spike hold-downs included

* Unique, split-style door provides easy access and ventilation

* Nearly 50 sq.ft of usable interior space
& 6’-8” of headroom

* Safe. No dangerous glass to break

* Great for growing in all climates

* Compact packaging.
Single, 124lb - 52”x26”x11” carton box


Snap & Grow™ 6' x 8' Greenhouse

The Snap & Grow 6’ x 8’ model is the perfect small greenhouse for a gardener with little space and big dreams about what they can accomplish with their gardening. It’s a great space to tuck into a corner of the yard or right next to the back door. And with its compact size, it won’t take up room that is needed by flowers and other plants. The 6’ x 8’ greenhouse is assembled with a simple system that makes it easy to put it together. There are no complicated tools needed, and the window panes themselves come already assembled.

With the durable, all-weather materials that make up this Snap & Grow greenhouse, there is no worrying about corrosion, the effects of snow and frost or even what will happen to the greenhouse during a storm. Mother nature can blow branches and debris at the Snap & Grow, but the polycarbonate panes won’t break like glass. That makes the greenhouse a worry-free place to house delicate plants and potting equipment even in the worst weather conditions.

The 6’ x 8’ model may be a compact potting space, but it’s one that provides an enormous amount of room inside. This greenhouse’s nearly 50 square feet of space is more than enough room for the free Galvanized Potting Bench that it comes with, and it provides plenty of room to sow and pot the many thousands of free seeds that come with the greenhouse. And with 6’ to 8’ of headroom inside, it provides a roomy interior for even the tallest gardeners. There’s no stooping and no trying to make space inside this model. There is plenty space for tools, pots, seeds and all of the small gardening tools that every gardener needs to be able to access easily when the gardening mood strikes.

Price: $799.00


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