Boost Your Roses in the Spring

February 1, 2009

In the springtime, if you aren’t planting new roses you will certainly be looking forward to boosting your old roses to get them to come back to¬† life. The spring is an exciting time for roses and they grow and blossom. If you want the best spring possible for your roses, you can give your rose plants a boost during this time of growth and rejuvenation. There is a mixture you can make in order to boost your plants’ energy. It is full of many of the nutrients that are most useful to your plant for energy and growth. It will encourage the plants to make more buds and will leave them stronger and healthier.

Start with a large bucket where you can mix the ingredients. A bucket or a large tub that will hold about five gallons will be large enough. Make sure that you start in the early part of the spring when the threat of a freeze is gone. Move the mulch away from the plants first in order to make a clear area for your mixture to be applied.

Mix together two cups of Epsom salt, two cups of gypsum, two cups of alfalfa meal, two cups of greensand, two cups of fish meal and a cup of bone meal. Most of these ingredients can be purchased from online gardening retailers. Mix these ingredients well. A shovel or trowel may be helpful for churning the mixture. Use a dust mask during this process to avoid inhaling any dust from the ingredients.

Scoop out about one cup of your mixture and sprinkle it onto the top of the soil around smaller rose bushes. It should be worked into the soil about an inch deep. If you have a larger rose plant, you may need to apply several cups of the mixture with a trowel or shovel. Work it into the soil all the way around the plants. Then, bring the mulch back into place. Once the mulch is replaced, water the roses thoroughly. If you want to give your roses a boost again in the summer, you can use this mixture in June to encourage more growth.


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