Caring For Roses

December 16, 2008

Growing and caring for roses can seem intimidating for a beginner, but like any flowers, they will thrive if cared for properly. Having roses in the garden means you have access to fresh roses for making cut flower arrangements and having a beautiful splash of color outdoors. If you’ve never grown roses before, there are a few things to learn before beginning. Once you finish this report you will be able to choose your roses, plant them and tend them as they grow and bloom.

Roses tend to have an undeserved reputation for being one of the most difficult flowers to grow. They do tend to need a lot of nourishment from their soil, but roses are otherwise no more difficult to care for than most of the other garden plants that are popular in home gardens. Depending on the climate, rose care may be a little more involved than growing flowers that are native to the area. But once you start growing roses, you may wish to add more and more of them to your garden as you come to love their delicate petals and the fragrance they bring to the garden.

I will be adding one new chapter a day on this blog about Caring for roses. Click on the links below to go to the section you want to read next. I would suggest you go in the order they are listed but it is up to you. If the link is not clickable it means I have not entered it into the blog yet. Let me know if you like the articles or if there is anything else I could write about gardening that you would be interested in.

Caring for Roses Introduction

Caring for Roses - What is Required

Choosing the Right Types of Roses

Common Types of Roses

Planting Roses

Watering Your Roses

Fertilizing Your Roses

Pruning Your Roses

Planting Potted Roses

Growing Organic Roses

Preventing Common Rose Diseases

Fixing Diseased and Problem Roses

Boost Your Roses in the Spring

Drying Your Roses

Cold Climate Roses

Winter Care for Roses

Revive Wilting Roses and Links to Buy Roses


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