Fertilizing Your Roses

December 22, 2008

Next to watering, fertilizing your roses is the most important thing you can do. Roses need regular fertilizing to perform at their best. They require nutrients that are often lacking in the soil, but there are several easy-to-use fertilizers that are perfect for roses. These fertilizers will help them to grow faster and stay healthier. The ideal temperature for fertilizing is when the weather is between 70 and 80 degrees. Read more

Watering Your Roses

December 21, 2008

Rose plants typically need a lot of water. They can withstand a lot of problems as long as the water supply is steady and plentiful. The key to watering them is to get the water down deep enough into the soil to benefit the roots. To make sure that the water has time to sink down into the roots before it evaporates, the watering should be done to maximize the length of time it spends in the soil. Read more

Planting Roses

December 20, 2008

There are several important factors that go into planting roses for the best result. Choosing the correct site is one of the most important aspects, but using the proper techniques while planting them is also vital to keeping the plants healthy. Read more

Common Types of Roses

December 19, 2008

To choose the very best type for your needs, you will need to choose from among the basic rose plant categories. Each has its own needs for space and each will have its own level of fragrance and will have different color options available.

  • Many beginning rose gardeners choose shrub roses because they are hardy and beautiful. Many varieties of shrub roses are long blooming, giving the gardener a longer period of time to enjoy the flowers. Many shrub roses are also resistant to plant diseases that can ruin a garden. The foliage of shrub roses is attractive enough to make the plant pretty even during seasons when the flowers aren’t blooming.
  • Miniature roses are small plants with miniature rose blooms. These can be grown outdoors in small spaces or they can be grown indoors in a container. The blooms of a miniature rose have all the fragrance and beauty of a larger rose but take up far less space.
  • Climbing roses are planted near a wall, a trellis, gazebo or other tall structure. These roses grown like vines, and can be useful in decorating the side of a home. For people with a very small garden, they allow for a lot of flowers to grow with a small amount of space on the ground.
  • Old Garden Roses are strong-smelling flowers that are resistant to disease. They are long blooming and will fill a yard with their fragrance. If you have allergies, however, these may not be the best choice.
  • Landscape roses are resistant to disease and are easy to care for. Their ease of maintenance makes then a good general choice for people new to rose gardening.
  • Modern roses, sometimes called Floribunda, are a cross between polyanthus and hybrid tea roses. They were bred for their lovely fragrance and their long blooming season. They are also perfect for cutting and using for flower arrangements.

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Choosing the Right Roses for Your Garden

December 18, 2008

When you first look through available rose types, the choice can seem overwhelming. There are hundreds of rose varieties available, each with a different color, petal arrangement, size and type of plant. There are rose vines, shrubs, miniatures and more. The way the roses look will probably be important to you, but there are several other important factors as well. Read more

Caring For Roses - What is required

December 17, 2008

Like any plants, caring for roses requires the right amount of water, fertilizer and enough sun to thrive. But while many plants thrive without being pruned by a gardener, roses need regular pruning in order to stay healthy. When first beginning your rose gardening, you will need: Read more

Caring For Roses

December 16, 2008

Growing and caring for roses can seem intimidating for a beginner, but like any flowers, they will thrive if cared for properly. Having roses in the garden means you have access to fresh roses for making cut flower arrangements and having a beautiful splash of color outdoors. Read more

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