Free Seeds For The First Ten People

August 19, 2009


This is for my twitter followers but whoever gets to the web site first is welcome to the free seeds. What you need to do is put $12 or less worth of seeds in your cart and then enter coupon 55 on the first page of check out. One order per residence. It will let 10 people use the coupon for the next 24 hours. If you want to make a big order you can enter 15 in the coupon box for 15 percent off you entire order. Shipping is free. If you keep your order to $12 or less it will cost you nothing. If you are happy with your purchase after you receive it leave a comment here or give me a shout on Twitter at cheapseeds.

Go to to get the free seeds.

It is the perfect  time to start planing your perennial flowers like blackeyed susan, puple conflower, blanketflower, and shasta daisy.

If  you live in Minnesota you have to pay the tax.

Easy to set up Hobby Greenhouses

May 12, 2009

Having a greenhouse at home is an increasingly common way to nurture plants and to protect them from harsh weather. In many climates, it’s a necessary part of the year’s gardening in order to have a lush garden of flowers. In just about any climate, there are a number of reasons why having your own, small greenhouse is a practical way to give your gardening projects a boost.

In some climates, having a garden is made difficult by late frosts and early snows. Starting a few seedlings indoors can make it easier to get a spring garden started when it gets warm enough outdoors, but it can prove difficult to start a whole garden that way. A greenhouse can supply seedlings with all the sunlight they need while protecting them from the cold weather. With some simple shelving or bakers racks, even a very small greenhouse can be used to start hundreds of seedlings to fill a flower garden. They can then be transplanted outdoors when the conditions are right. Read more

The Best Way to Plant Your Seeds Indoors so They are Easy to Transplant Outside

May 3, 2009

Transplanting seedlings is something that many people do in the springtime to jumpstart their flower gardens. In many climates, the last frost or free comes late in the year, making it hard to plant flowers outdoors that will bloom in their first year. If you live in a cold climate and haven’t been able to plant seeds outdoors yet, planting seeds indoors can be done quickly and easily, giving your plants a head start on this year’s growth. Read more

How To Rototill Your Flower Garden This Spring

April 28, 2009

Many gardeners start off their spring flower beds by tilling the soil. This is not necessary for all gardens, but there are times that tilling is necessary for successful gardening. Tilling should be done only when the soil is relatively dry and is warm. If the ground is still frosty, the tilling should wait until the last of the frost is gone. The soil should be at least 60 degrees when it is tilled. If the soil is too wet, it will not be broken up well by the tiller, and you could even damage the machinery. To test whether or not the soil is too wet, pick some up and try to make a ball with it. If you can make a mud ball, the area is too wet for tilling. If the soil falls apart, it is dry enough for the tiller. Read more

How to Plant and Grow Purple Coneflower Seeds

April 21, 2009

A beautiful flower perfect for spring planting is the purple coneflower seeds. This flower is extremely hardy and is resistant to drought, making it a great flower for gardeners who live in dry areas or who don’t have a lot of time for watering their gardens. They will tolerate partial shade as well as full sun. The purple coneflower produces large flowers that have an interesting arrangement of purple petals that point toward the ground. In the center of the flower is a large reddish cone that grows into the large, colorful focal point of the flower. Read more

Sowing and Growing my Favorite Flower - Blanketflower

April 9, 2009

Anyone who is looking for an unusual-looking flower that will attract attention from anyone who sees it should certainly consider the Blanketflower. It is my personal all time favorite flower. These flowers are not only easy to grow, they grow into massive blooms that are brightly-colored and have an interesting structure with multi-colored petals and a center cone. Read more

How to Plant and Grow Zinnia Seeds

January 26, 2009

A few people have asked how to plant and grow zinnia seeds. If you have any questions about how to do anything to do with gardening let me know and I will write a post on it.

To plant the zinnia seeds you should find a nice open spot with mostly sun. A little shade in the afternoon won’t hurt. You need average soil to plant the zinnias. The better the soil the bigger they will grow. Read more

Starting Flower Seeds inside.

January 16, 2009

I found a blog that is written by Stefanie that is documenting her starting flower seeds inside process. Looks like she is doing something right being she has 3 inch tall flowers in just 6 days. Check out the ongoing process she uses. You can find here blog by clicking on this link.

2 Free Packets of Seeds for the First 10 People

January 10, 2009

We are giving away 2 packets of seeds to the first 10 people that go over to and put 2 packets or more of seeds into the shopping cart. Enter 2 in the coupon box on the first page of check out. The coupon is worth $6.00. If you buy more than $6.00 worth of seeds it will just deduct it from your order. Shipping is always FREE so the 2 flower seed packets cost you nothing. Hurry up and get over there before they are gone.

If you happen to want to buy a lot of seeds use coupon 121 to get 15 pecent off your whole order.

Save Your Flower Seeds For Next Year

November 18, 2008

Save Flower Seeds For Next Year.

A great way to get free flower seeds for next year is to pick seeds from your own flowers in the fall. After the flower blooms and dies back the seeds will form in the middle of the flower. When the seed pod is tried out but before it drops the seeds on the ground you should cut the stem of the flower and shake the seeds into a bag or on a newspaper. If they don’t come off easily you can rub the pods between your hands to get them to open up. Read more

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