Zinnia Flower Seeds

October 14, 2008

If you’re looking for a brightly-colored flower that will bloom from spring through fall, zinnias may be just what you’re looking for. Zinnia flower seed are easy to grow from seeds and grow quickly from their first sprout to their blooming stage. With a germination time of as little as a week, they are a popular plant for gardeners who want to see results quickly. Zinnia flower seeds only need a light covering of soil in order to start sprouting, and they don’t need any special fertilizing techniques.

If you find that you love the colors of zinnia flowers, there are many different types of zinnia that can be used in different parts of your garden. There are small varieties that can be planted in small spaces or in small containers. There are also much larger zinnias that can be used in the back row of flower beds or as the focal point of a garden.

Depending on the type of zinnia flower seeds that are planted, it’s possible to grow a plant that is 1.5’ tall or one that is a full 3’ tall. You can choose one type and blend it with other flower types, or you might choose several varieties of zinnia flower seeds and use them in different areas of the garden for a varied use of zinnia color.

Red Corn Poppy Seeds

October 14, 2008

Poppies always make eye-catching flowers that are beautiful to have in a garden. Red corn poppies are one of the most eye-catching because of their intense, bright color. The color is an extremely bright red with a black center that contrasts spectacularly with the red petals. They grow into large plants, about 2’ high, and have flowers that are as large as 4” across. They bloom from the earliest spring days through the heat of July.

Red corn poppy seeds can be planted around the mailbox, along the edges of a walkway or in a flowerbed for a dramatic statement. They also make great border flowers to separate different areas of your garden. They will grow well in full sunlight, but they will also thrive in partial shade. If you live in a drought-prone area, red corn poppy seeds are the perfect seeds to plant. They have a strong resistance to drought and will grow in the driest of summers.

Planting red corn poppy seeds is a great way to ensure that your spring garden will have a vibrant burst of color. The deep red color of the flowers and the large size of the blooms makes the red corn poppy an unforgettable plant.

Annual Flower Seeds

October 10, 2008

Annual flowers experience one season of sprouting, blooming and growing before dying once the cold weather sets in. The most economical way for you is to use annual flower seeds instead of plants. You can get 1,000 seeds for what on plant would cost. Most of them don’t need regular fertilizing and are relatively easy to care for. Just a little fertilizer at the time the seeds are planted is generally enough for the year. And because annuals don’t last through the winter, there is no need to take any special winter precautions for them. They bloom, bring beauty to a garden, container or flower bed and then make way for other plants and flowers the following year.

With annual flowers, you are free to experiment with many different types of flowers to see which ones you enjoy most. If you find that one type is difficult to maintain, simply don’t plant that one the next year. There is no commitment when you grow annual plants. You can easily have a completely different garden from one year to the next without having to transplant the old flowers elsewhere to make room for new ones.

Annuals come in every imaginable color and can add a breathtaking array of flower sizes and shapes to a garden. They require very little maintenance and grow into lush green plants that will bring a garden to life with blooming flowers.

Keep Gardening. Jeff