Easy to set up Hobby Greenhouses

May 12, 2009

Having a greenhouse at home is an increasingly common way to nurture plants and to protect them from harsh weather. In many climates, it’s a necessary part of the year’s gardening in order to have a lush garden of flowers. In just about any climate, there are a number of reasons why having your own, small greenhouse is a practical way to give your gardening projects a boost.

In some climates, having a garden is made difficult by late frosts and early snows. Starting a few seedlings indoors can make it easier to get a spring garden started when it gets warm enough outdoors, but it can prove difficult to start a whole garden that way. A greenhouse can supply seedlings with all the sunlight they need while protecting them from the cold weather. With some simple shelving or bakers racks, even a very small greenhouse can be used to start hundreds of seedlings to fill a flower garden. They can then be transplanted outdoors when the conditions are right. Read more