How to Plant and Grow Black Eyed Susan Flower Seeds

October 15, 2008

The Black Eyed Susan is a flower that just about everyone recognizes. Its yellow and black coloring makes it an unmistakable flower that can grow almost anywhere. Plant Black Eyed Susan flower seeds in a flower bed, a meadow or anywhere that needs a dash of bright color.

Black Eyed Susan seeds are fast growing, emerging in as little as a week. They soon grow to a 3’ plant that is full of brightly-colored flowers. These flowers are often grown as wildflowers and used in wild areas or in gardens that are landscaped with native flowers. They easily resist drought and don’t need watering. Black Eyes Susan seeds should be planted in full sun if possible, but they are also known to tolerate partial shade.

The seeds are planted close to the surface of the ground, with only about 1/16” of soil covering them. The soil needs little preparation and does not require fertilizer. Black Eyed Susan seeds will grow in even poor soils that won’t grow less hearty flowers. They also have a strong resistance to plant disease and insects, making them extremely low maintenance flowers to grow. With almost no care black eyed susan seeds will bloom into tall, sturdy plants that bloom with graceful flowers.

Perennial Flower Seeds

October 10, 2008

If you know exactly what type of flowers you want in your garden year after year, plant perennial flower seeds. When you plant and grow perennials, the same flowers will come back again each year. This means not having to replant the garden each year, leaving you more time for other pursuits.
Growing perennial flower seeds usually require a little maintenance once the plants have become established. After planting, the plants grow the stems, leaves and petals that will be visible above ground. During the coldest months, these visible portions may wither away, but the roots will continue to thrive below the ground. When the warmer months come, they will once again grow the upper portions of the plants and you will have new stems and new blooms waiting to open.
For busy people, perennial seeds give them the peace of mind of knowing that beautiful flowers will grow again next year, even if they are too busy to plant more seeds. This keeps flower beds replenished and the space looking well cared for.
Some perennial seeds will wait in the ground through the spring before sprouting while others will start growing right away. But whichever type you choose, you know that the plant will come back again and again, making perennial flower seeds a great investment for your garden.