How to Start a Compost Pile for Your Flower Garden

April 15, 2009

Here is a great way to start a compost pile for your flower garden. Spring is a perfect time to start a compost pile to use as natural mulch for your garden flowers. To start, choose an area in your yard for the compost pile to grow. For the best results, the areas should be enclosed and should measure at least 4′ by 4′. A compost pile that is smaller than this may not be large enough to compost properly. Read more

New Gardening Videos web site.

April 1, 2009

I just finished our new video gardening web site. It can be found at It has thousands of gardening how to videos to choose from. Just click a category in the right hand column to view the videos you are interested in.  It is a great learning tool for gardeners. Read more

How to Control Weeds in Your Vegetable Garden

January 26, 2009

Here is a video I found about an easy way to control weeds in you vegetable garden. If you do this right away it will be easy to control the weeds. If you wait until the weeds take over your garden you will be fighting  them forever. Weed Control Tips for Your Vegetable Garden

If you have any suggestions on how you control weeds in your vegetable garden enter them in the comment box so we can all use your techniques too.

How to Turn Your Flower Garden Into a Butterfly Heaven

November 2, 2008

Volume 1, Number 1

Inside this issue…

How To Turn Your Flower Garden Into A Butterfly Heaven

Would The Tall Flowers Please Stand Up?

Give Your Garden A Step Up With Our Eye-Catching Stepping Stone Molds!

Hello Gardeners,

A garden full of flowers can bring such pleasure. But the blooms themselves can bring something else too: butterflies. In this month’s newsletter, we reveal the techniques that will turn your garden into a field of fluttering colors. Read more

Fall Flower Care

November 1, 2008

Volume 1, Number 14

Inside this issue…

Fall flower care

Collecting seeds

Double the Value - Double the Beauty

Hello Gardeners,

A gardener’s work is never done. That old saying holds especially true in the fall, when a whole host of tasks are necessary to keep the garden looking good and, more importantly, prepare for the winter months and the following spring. We’ve created a flower garden To Do list to help you draw up your own. Read more

Weed Alert

October 31, 2008

Volume 1, Number 13

Inside this issue…

Weed Alert!

Bring on the Butterflies

Brighten up the Building

Hello Gardeners

What’s a weed? What one gardener considers a weed, another will cherish as a wildflower. Let’s just say that a weed is a plant growing in the wrong place at the wrong time and has territorial ambitions… meaning you have to take action. In this issue, we’ll tell you what kind of action to take. Read more

Garden Hedges

October 31, 2008

Volume 1, Number 9

Inside this issue…

Good Garden hedges make for good neighbors

To dig or not to dig? Questions surrounding flower beds…

Blooming bulbs!

Hello Gardeners,

Perhaps the most basic element in the garden is the hedge. Hedges provide shelter, privacy and define the garden’s perimeter. They can also become a sanctuary for birds, wildlife and insects. Hedges can be formal, clipped evergreens, or native hedgerows that can even incorporate trees and flowers. We’ll explain how to plant one. Read more

Pampering Your Perennials

October 31, 2008

Volume 1, Number 12

Inside this issue…

Pampering your Perennials

Designing a Perennial Bed around the Purple Coneflower

Stepping out in Style


Hello Gardeners,

If you’re one of the many flower gardeners who grow annuals and perennials from seed, you’re almost certainly aware that the flowering plants need some extra attention in the summer. In this issue we discuss basic summer plant care and show you how to prolong those beautiful blossoms all season long. Read more

Gardening With Kids

October 30, 2008

Volume 1, Number 11

Inside this issue…

Gardening with kids

Cultivating vines

Give your mailbox some magnetism

Hello Gardeners,

Getting your children involved in gardening is a way of sharing one of your favorite activities. The garden provides a fun learning environment with the potential to keep little ones occupied for hours and looking after the plants will teach them about taking responsibility, ownership, patience and caring for living, growing things. Read more

Wildlife Garden

October 30, 2008

Volume 1, Number 10

Inside this issue…

Flowers for Part Sun

The Wildlife Garden

Carefree composting

Hello Gardeners

Is there a part of your garden that doesn’t get a full day of sun? There’s no reason the shaded garden can’t be as colorful as one full of sun. In this issue we show you how to turn a shady garden into a showy garden that blooms with color from spring through fall simply by choosing the right kind of plants. Read more

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