Cold Climate Roses

February 24, 2009

Roses are a versatile type of flowering plant. They will thrive with the right care in almost any climate. There are a few varieties, however, that won’t grow well in exceptionally cold climates. Then there are roses that thrive in those areas. Here’s a quick guide to those roses.

Though many people like to grow hybrid tea roses for their ease of maintenance and general hardiness, they do not thrive in very cold areas. In fact, they are one of the least cold resistant of all the rose types. There are plenty of varieties that can be substituted for hybrid teas, however. A cold climate rose will thrive in a harsh climate and will live through the most challenging winters. They are also generally low maintenance roses. Not only are they winter hardy, they are also resistant to many of the diseases that sometimes plague other types of roses as well as other flower types. They are perfect for beginning rose gardeners for these reasons.

Cold climate roses include: species roses, modern roses, shrub roses, Alba, Rugosas, Centrifolias, Griffith Buck, Morden and Gallica. There are other varieties of cold climate roses, but these are generally the easiest to find available. Cold climate roses are planted in the same way as any other rose type, and they are maintained in much the same way. You may not have to spend as much time with disease prevention of cures, but they will still have to be watered and fertilized just like any other roses.

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