Free Seeds For The First Ten People

August 19, 2009


This is for my twitter followers but whoever gets to the web site first is welcome to the free seeds. What you need to do is put $12 or less worth of seeds in your cart and then enter coupon 55 on the first page of check out. One order per residence. It will let 10 people use the coupon for the next 24 hours. If you want to make a big order you can enter 15 in the coupon box for 15 percent off you entire order. Shipping is free. If you keep your order to $12 or less it will cost you nothing. If you are happy with your purchase after you receive it leave a comment here or give me a shout on Twitter at cheapseeds.

Go to to get the free seeds.

It is the perfect  time to start planing your perennial flowers like blackeyed susan, puple conflower, blanketflower, and shasta daisy.

If  you live in Minnesota you have to pay the tax.


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