Large Quantity of Cheap Bulbs in Georgia to Mississippi

January 19, 2009

I know a non profit company in Georgia that runs a nursery and gets truckloads of free bulbs donated to them that they try and resell and make money for there rehabilitation Center. They turned down 50 pallets of them in November because they couldn’t use them all. Does anyone here know of someone from Georgia to Mississippi that would be interested in buying the bulbs at a very reduced price. They pick them up in Mississippi and bring them back to Geogia. If you want a large quantity they can possibly drop them off on their way back to Georgia. I donate seeds to him and told him I would look for people for next year. They possibly are getting thousands of plugs again this spring too. Contact me at my email address if you know anybody that would need them. They do also sell them in smaller quantities at the nursery in Georgia. The bulbs usually arrive in late November.


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