Revive Your Wilting Roses

February 26, 2009

Roses are so beautiful that you will probably want to bring them indoors as cut flowers if your rose type works well as a cut rose. You may even give them as gifts to others so that they can share in the beauty of your roses. However, all cut roses eventually begin to wilt. With a little care, you can revive your wilting roses for a time in order to get more enjoyment from them.

To begin the revival process, take the roses out of their vase. Have a bowl of lukewarm water ready for them. Submerge them in the water as soon as they are out of the vase and separate each rose from the others. Keeping them under the water, make a new cut across the bottom of the stem, making the cut at a 45 degree angle. Make sure not to life the roses out of the water during this time. If air gets into the stem, the revival will not be as successful. Keep them under the water for a few hours, still separated from each other.

After this time spent soaking, the roses can be placed back into the vase. Bring the vase to the roses rather than carrying the roses a long way to the vase. This cuts down on the air exposure that your rose stems will be subjected to.

If your roses droop earlier than they should, they may have been cut before they were ready. In the future, cut mature roses that have fully blossomed to avoid this problem. Another cause may be that the rose stems were kept out in the air for too long a time before you placed then in their vase. Always make the transfer as quick as possible in order to avoid this problem.

If you have trouble keeping air out of them, you might take a vase filled with water outdoors with you in order to place the roses directly into the vase just after they have been cut. Or, you might wrap the roses in wet newspapers to keep the stems moist until they can be transferred into the vase.

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