Wolf Garden Tools

October 3, 2008

Wolf Garden Tools

Wolf Garden Tools

There are quite a few garden tools that come in handy for the home gardener. The problem is often that having all of these necessary tools can take up a lot of storage space. If you have a rake, a hoe, a couple of brooms, a hand tiller and a few other assorted garden tools, you will need quite a bit of space to store them all. But, trying to do without any of these garden tools may mean that you have problems when it’s time to plant, rake or to get rid of aggressive weeds encroaching on your garden.

There is a tool brand, however, that has thought about all of this and has solved the problem. You need a lot of tools and you need a way to organize and store them all. The answer to all of it lies in the unique system that has been developed by Wolf Garden Tools. These tools allow you to get as many as you need, but they don’t require the space of most full-size tools.

The reason that Wolf tools don’t require as much space is that there’s just one handle for all of the long garden tools. Instead of storing a rake, a separate hoe and a separate broom, you can use just one handle and simply switch the head. The heads snap off easily and can be replaced by a different head, instantly making it a different tool. Just snap off the head of the hoe and snap on the head of a rake and you have a completely different garden tool. This system requires far less storage space and can be organized easily with just a shelf or two, depending on how many tool heads you require.

Once a tool head is snapped on to the handle, it’s on firmly enough to take vigorous use of the tool. It works much like the seatbelt in a car. When snapped on, the closure is extremely sturdy. But, it takes little pressure to snap off the tool head and to replace it with another when you have a different task to perform.

Once you have the Wolf handle, you can use any of the tools in the Wolf range. There are brooms, soil rakes, garden ridgers, cultivators, aerators, weeder tools, soil millers, several different types of rakes and more. There are also window washers and other tools that can be used with the Wolf handle.

For even more versatility, there are different types of handle available. If you have a large garden, or even a small one with some plants that are hard to reach, a long handle would be the perfect way to reach them easily. But, for other projects, you might work better with a short handle. With just two handles you double the amount of tools available to you. Instead of buying a long rake and a short rake and a long cultivator and a short one, you only need the two handles to make so many tools possible.

There are even a number of hand tools that can be interchanged with a short handle that’s perfect for those up-close jobs. There are small shovels, hand forks and garden knives for precise jobs.

This adds up to an enormous savings on garden tools over time. It also ensures that you don’t go without the tools you need to make the job easier and more precise. With little storage space needed and a smaller price than buying many complete tools, there’s no reason to go without the tools that will make a big difference in the garden.

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