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Free Shipping on all greenhouses and accessories to the Lower 48 States. With each greenhouse you get $50. worth of free seeds and a free Galvanized Potting Bench. If bought separately would cost 198.99

We offer 6 different greenhouses for sale. 2 - 6x8 models, an 8x8, 8x12, 8x16 and 8x20 models. We also have extension kits for them so you can make your greenhouse bigger now or down the road if you need more space.

With a home greenhouse or mini greenhouse and free seeds to sow inside it, there is no limit to what can be raised at home in this perfect growing environment. The Galvanized Potting Bench makes it possible to store seedlings and potting supplies conveniently in the greenhouse, making it easier to sow seeds, tend to flowers and even to display many of the beautiful flowering plants that are started inside the greenhouse.

The enormous selection of free seeds that comes with each greenhouse means that there will be months, perhaps years, of experimenting with new and different plants ahead of the owners of these greenhouses. Greenhouse customers can look forward to trying plants that they have never grown before as well as old favorites that they have enjoyed in years past.

With a greenhouse, anyone can tend to flowers and plants that would have otherwise been difficult to grow in certain climates. The sunlight and humidity level inside a greenhouse environment is the perfect place for beautiful tropical plants to grow larger than they normally would and for delicate plants to thrive. It also provides a place for home gardeners to start out their seeds early in the season without worrying about a frost or two wiping out their seeds and young plants. This allows gardeners to get an early start on their flowers, giving them brilliant blooms far earlier than would have been possible by sowing the seeds outdoors in the spring.

A hobby greenhouse is not only a practical place for sowing seeds and storing planting equipment- itís also a beautiful addition to any yard. Greenhouses add charm to any yard, and they provide a quiet place to prepare pots and tinker with plants. They are practical, attractive, personal spaces that every gardener will enjoy having in their own outdoor space.

  GreenHouses and Accessories
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